A Serious Throwback Thursday; Jackson and Sam’s 2011 Skate Odyssey

Everyone remembers their first skate video, whether they want to or not. Skate videos are kind of like ex-girlfriends, everyone has them and you remember them as fondly as you would like. Sam and I (Jackson) found videos from the same time frame of 2011, and decided to provide some commentary on each other’s. Let’s start with the man himself, the Goose

Sam Galus Sponsor Video

Wow, artsy shots before artsy shots were cool. Albeit, a large portion of this was shot with a GoPro, there was some DSLR shots that were way before their time, and that’s rad. Sam has been killing it since Summer 2010 and this is probably the first video of his you’ll want to see. So much about this video stoked me out when I first saw it back in the day. First off, this kid did toesides! Holy hell! This is 2011, right went the big heelside, “third digit” phase hit the grom masses. Beyond going the more difficult direction in sliding, he also put his puck down and tried to go faster. Even if it isn’t the greatest skating, it showed a multi-faceted side of someone we already knew was a dope freerider. So, if Sam Galus circa 2011 could use a DSLR, try different types of skating, and be chubby for his “sponker me” video, you guys can do way better. It’s 2015 dammit!

After Skool Skating- Jackson Wells

Oh man, I don’t even know where to start with this video. I remember the day it came out and thinking, “Wow, I wish I was as good as Jackson.” Being the 14 year old grom I was, I think I watched it 5 times the first day. Jackson has been an idol for most of the Northwest Groms for a long time, and his skating has only improved since this video. This video brings me back to the days of seeing who could do the longest slides on every steep straight hill in the area. Though this probably doesn’t represent his best skating abilities, it was the type of skating that was popular in 2011. The main goal of every skate session was to have as much fun as possible with the hills we had, which incidentally, are all mostly straight. This is 2011 we are talking about, when we were all 14 and 15 year old groms who had to beg our parents for a ride to our local spots. When they said no, there was no other option than to pack our backpacks with water and wheels and start the long push. I feel a lot of nostalgia from this video, and even watching it today with 2015’s style of “GO FAST MINIMAL SLIDING”, it’s easy to say that Jackson is a ripper who implemented all styles while lacking a variety of terrain.

AWWWWWWWWW, Sam made me blush. That’s why he’s bae <3

It’s great to look back at the old days, whenever they may have been. Reflect, regain old, lost stoke and go shred!

Its Over. Everybody Go Home.

We won. The game is finished. And nothing will be the same.


Right next to MOTION BOARDSHOP, between that and the super sweet cafe/breakfast place we also have…

We are opening a beer and pizza joint.

Thats right you sissies. You heard right.

Beer. And. Pizza.

At the same time.

Right next to coffee and skateboards.

How do you even do better at life than that?




Well you don’t, you fucking buster. Thats what.

You have never SEEN gourmet pizzas like these gourmet pizzas.

You may as well have been eating saltines with ketchup and Kraft singles your whole life.


BLAOW. That is a wood-fire oven. A real one.

The same intense forges that brought you samurai swords and other intense shit CAN ALSO BRING THE RIGHTEOUS DANGER STRAIGHT TO YOUR TASTEBUDS.



My face literally looks different after eating this. It is forever changed.

Devastated, even. Devastated with joy.

I couldn’t even tell you what was on it; the recipes are still top secret because this joint is still under construction.


Yeah, we still got a bit of a ways to go.


But its happening. It is totally happening.

Our most wholesome and righteous contribution to our community is almost to fruition.




Soon the beer and pizza will flow with unwanton abundance and we can all rejoice in an eternal hedonistic bliss.


Forever your servant,



The most innovative skate product of 2015 is already here and we only just got started.
I’m calling it now.

This is it boys.

Coming in clutch to save all of our disparate skateboarding needs, Blood Orange has finally done the collective scene a fat solid in bringing us the pinnacle of goods for the average travelling skater.

No more lost speed rings, no more letting your buddy borrow a bolt off of your board so he at least has two to keep his trucks on, and no more using your fingers to break down your legally acquired medicinally purposed stoke-augmentations.

And their ad was hilarious, good job guys.

Vantucky Valentine’s Day Slide Jam

Ah, what better way to forget the pangs of nonexistent love than amid a dense fog of dudes skateboarding? IMG_4461

Nothing, duh.


Blake McLam put on a banger event.


Race in the morning, then slide-jam after. I showed up way too late and missed the race cause I’m a huge pus.


The jam was hella fun though; it was held on a hill with actual turns which is kinda crazy for the straight-hill-freeriding  local skate population. It was quickly made apparent who was comfortable turning left and right and who was a bit less prepared for corners.


A barely visible eagle in the distance graced us with its presence. It might not even be an eagle; you’ll just have to take my word for it. Its a twisted world sorry man.


All the good skaters made a point to lurk back and provide commentary much more than they actually skated.



This dude bailed right into where I was standing. Luckily my cat-like reflexes are… cat like.



More heart-broken loners mill about aimlessly in search of love.


Unfortunately all they found was Camden’s steeze. Maybe it was Grant. Whatever it was one of them.








The man of the house gives the ladies a tour of the shebang.



I got a lot of butt flying in my direction; none of which I was particularly down with.


And a bit of attempted nipple action. Temping, but still not down.



The hike up the hill sucked mad dilly, no lie.


A bit of drift-trike action in the distance.



More butt. Always with these pucking butts.


Here it comes. Basically making a beeline straight for me. TJ Joo; booty magnet.





One of the Beneshes again with the tweaked steeze. Probably one of the more entertaining types to see at a slidejam.








It was a really good time getting into shenanigans with my friends in the name of love. Definitely going again next year if I’m not slaying mad poon or something. Y’know. Huuuuuge thanks to Blake for putting on and housing a bunch of skaters for the after-function; you the man.

And if any of you readers see yourself in this post feel free to take my shitty photography and use it for whatever I don’t care.

Churchill’s LAX line: Hoodoo Review

A fresh set of collectible boards have been released under LAX, a subset of the Churchill brand which has recently attracted some attention to itself with clean, basic designs and affordable pricepoint.

This one is called the Hoodoo.


I gave it to some random lady passing by and took pictures with it.


And then I rode the bitch.


The deck, you sickos.


The board is interesting, to say the least. I mean, look at its profile.


Shits bacon.





And for some reason, it all works.

Its weird because there are two sets of pockets on the deck, inner and outer, which I interpret to mean two different styles of riding the deck.

Its 9 inches wide at the outer pockets where your feet would go for a “freeride” style or riding involving riding switch and keeping a consistent distance between both feet and their respective truck mounts, but about 10 inches wide where the inner pockets are.

For this.. I have only one explanation.

In a tuck, I keep my feet a closer together than when I am freeriding, and so I noticed that I can slip my back foot into the inner pocket to hold my foot in place when I’m leaning through turns while crouched down all tight n snuggly. It also gives a solid platform for digging into when I’m predrifting, a process that I also keep my feet a bit closer together for.

As for the additional width of the deck, I can only assume that it is for structural integrity and additional lateral leverage when I’m cranking down on my back foot while downhilling.

It was kind of unsettling how well the Hoodoo suited my body specifically for a lot of the things I do, so I realize this board may not work perfectly for people with other styles of riding, but the deck totally crushes it in many departments if it matches up with you.

The only real complaint I have about the board is that they have these weird little sem-developed kicks at the ends which would be totally awesome if the wheelbases weren’t drilled so far apart and close to the ends. If the wheelbase was moved in a solid 3 inches the board would feel way more alive and fun, not to mention the kicktails would be much more usable.

Then again, redrilling wheelbases is such a basic do-it-yourself modification that it may not even be worth mentioning; just a thought on what I’m going to do with mine as soon as I get the chance.

Otherwise, the Hoodoo is totally sick if you have a similar riding style to mine, but may be a little extravagant for those who may not have not dialed in how they like to ride yet.


The Hoodoo definitely does you more than you do it.

Videos That I’ve Rewatched Too Many Times and am Stoked On- Jackson Wells

I don’t know about you guys, but when a video really fuels my stoke, I nerd out and re-watch it… a bunch. I’ll replay clips, jam out to the song they used, reach out to the rider and tell them how cool they are, or whatever inspiration the media gave me (to maybe even go skate?).

Here are some of my recent favorites that have got me amped on longboarding and why.

Justin Rouleau’s Madrid + Pro Model Introduction

This video is perfect in so many ways. Between the hood-ass song, mid-video trap arms from Rouleau and the name of the pro-model being the Trapstar, they really nailed the vibe of the video, and I’m sure made a lot of skaters smile. Beyond the vibe, the skating was super burly as well. The downhill shots incorporated the perfect blend of sketchy-steeze and dialed in lines (1:04 is a prime example). Plus, it’s always dope to see someone freeriding big wheels (Cannibals) and leaving huge ‘thane lines with ridiculous squatters. On top of all that, the camera-work was magnificent and blended fast raw runs with rad static shots. Good job Madrid/Venom/Rouleau and keep a look out for the Trapstar trapstar2015_lg copy

S1 Helmets- Cooper Darquea First Descent

The simplicity of the video combined with how raw the skating was had me watching this at least four times the first day I saw it. Those toeside lines a little before a minute into the video are so on point and precise it’s hard to fathom. Then, he goes charging right into a speed bump? Pshhhhh someone’s good at longboarding. If you haven’t been keeping up on Alex Ameen’s raw runs, you’re blowing it and missing out on sick new downhill clips. All of his video go to show how easy it is to capture crazy skate footage; all you need is a wide angle lens, a car mount and a shredder at your disposal. Then, the gnar gnar will flow like water.

Ethan Cochard’s Newest Raw Run


Yeeeeeyeah buddy! Ethan’s a good friend of mine and this video had me psyched. Shredding a classic, you can really see him enjoying himself and flowing well with the road (even throwing some stoked out arm-steeze at 1:47). Anyone who has skated this can attest for how gnarly, chundery, steep and fast this classic Californian canyon road is, and Ethan handles it like he was born to. Also, he shows the ignorant side of the internet just how stern Orangatangs can thane. One of the more notable raw runs of this fishy hill from one of the coolest longboarders in the scene.

I hope all of these videos got you guys as excited and motivated as they did for me! Always find sources of stoke, then take that stoke and turn it into skating!

Thoughts of An Average Skater: Trends of 2014/15

We asked some our team riders about the year ahead, trends and so on. Bill Kim provided this overview of some major, up and coming tendencies in the scene, while Jackson supplemented his opinions on them. Bill’s text is normal, Jackson’s is italicized.

Thoughts of an average skater: Trends of 2014/2015

Only a month has gone by in the New Year and already new trends have been forming in today’s skate scene. First, we have to talk about what makes things “trendy”. When a large group of people thinks that something is cool and consciously incorporate it into their lives, it makes that thing a trend.

One trend that is very popular from last year is thane lines. These lines are created when skaters slide to shed some speed off or kill their speed entirely. When the wheels leave thane, it is wearing the wheel down. We use these thane lines to show our friends how far we slid. This is heavily found in the younger skaters or “groms”. Although this may not be bad, it does get quite repetitive when someone describes a wheel’s characteristic as “the wheel thanes good” or “thane is cool”.

Oh man, isn’t thane cool? I’ve loved this trend since I was a grom myself and I’m surprised it took till 2014 to SERIOUSLY catch heat. Regardless, people do not understand thane. Wheels that thane are literally tearing away and wearing so fast they leave the material in streaks on the ground. So what’s bad about that? Thaney wheels die fast and wear poorly because its so rapid. So, if you’re on a budget and can’t buy 3,000 freeride wheels a year, forget about always leaving huge thane lines. Also, if you weigh nothing, wheels will not thane that hard unless you’re really good. So, think twice before emailing Cadillac that your wheels are broken and don’t thane. You’re a grom, deal with it. 

Another attribute that is popular is slidey wheels. When I say slidey wheels, I’m talking about the wheels that don’t take any effort to slide and don’t kill any speed. There are pros and cons about wheels that fit this description. Some pros are that they are easy to learn how to slide on, and they slide forever. Some cons are that they may get unpredictable at higher speeds and when switching to other wheels, you may have a hard time transitioning.

This trend is a kid’s thing. You know, for those who don’t have adequate force to slide easily because they don’t weigh enough, go too slow or both. Wheels like this are great for those people, and will probably scare the hell out of anyone who doesn’t fit in that category. Back in my day (2011 what whattttttt), when wheels were icy, it scared us and no one bought those. We tried harder to make what we had what we wanted. Sure, those 82a Raceforms didn’t slide well at first. But, within two lame sessions, they become dope freeride wheels. 

The final aspect that I will be talking about is freeriding. In my opinion, this is the most popular style of riding in the skate scene today. This is the type of riding that I see in the younger generation and it seems like downhill is becoming less popular amongst them. Even though freeriding is more popular than downhill, no style is better than others, so do not put each other down.

HELL YES BILL. Skating is not a popularity contest, do not hate on other styles just because its different from yours. Diversify, stop sliding and go fast. Stop going fast, go freeriding. Or even go shred a park, parking lot, garage, who cares? As long as YOU are skating and having fun, nothing matters. 

Whether you may take part in these trends or not, at the end of the day it is about having fun. So shred what products you want and skate whichever style you’d like. Always remember to skate safe, have fun, and get those baners.

Author: Bill Kim


Opinion Supplementer: Jackson Wells