New Stuff!

The season is starting up, the sun is coming out and skaters and new products are coming out to play. Here’s a look at some bad ass new gear we’ve got kicking around the shop!


Sector 9 Skiddles and Slick Shoes:

Sector 9 has come out with some new freeride wheels to stoke out the kiddies, Skiddles and Slick Shoes. Both a small contact patch (29/30mm), almost sideset and round lipped, you get a fun and slidey package. Combine that with pre-broken in, sugary urethane, you get epic thane lines and smooth slides all day. And yes, they do thane the color of the wheel. One of the cooler molds of wheels released and they are completely optimized for slide jam steeze. You’ll be seeing them all over the slopestyle circuit this year.




Blood Orange Liam Morgan Pro Series:

Liam Morgan has collaborated with Blood Orange to create a new line of wheels! They’ve got three different sizes and packages to accommodate your setup and style of riding. They are all 82a and are going to give you a glidey and slidey fun time. 60mm are a great smaller wheel to bust tons of slides or hold out some fatties. Plus, they’ll fit on any setup wheelbite free. 65mm will offer the in-between package to still fit on your topmounts, but still get you more urethane to shred through. With the 70mm, you get maximum urethane, a bit larger package, which will kill a little more speed and get you more roll speed out of the wheel. Any of them are great choices for people looking to do tons of sliding!





Sector 9 Rocker:

Sector 9 also has a new symmetrical topmount, the Rocker. Its got a half-inch of rocker and some radial concave to make the topmount platform exceptionally comfortable. The rocker dips down and combines with the concave so you have rad indicators to put your feet and lock in for sliding, tucking or just cruising around. There’s flushmounting to get you a little closer to the ground and to give you more leverage over your wheels with a little bit more stability as well. It’s also made of wood and two layers of tri-axial fiberglass to give you extra strength and rigidity.  For an all inclusive topmount, the Rocker fits the bill and adds extra comfort to get you stoked!





Sector 9 Gasket Knee Pads:


Sector 9 has changed the game on safety gear with their new Gasket kneepads! They’ve got a hard cap kneepad that’s removable, and when that is done, they are still a fully functional soft pair of kneepads (like g-forms or exo-skins). This is nice for those who are raging more dangerous stuff like fast freeride, but also want the option to remove the pad so they can sit comfortably in their tuck for downhill runs. All in all, one of the best accessories a longboarder could get to stay safe.



Blood Orange Colored Grip:

Now on roll, in tons of color and with the same bad ass foot grabbing grit you are used to. Snag a few feet of either purple, neon blue, green, red or orange and get your setup pimped out and colorful today!


Killin it with Content

What’s up Motion Boardshop readers?!? I’m brand new to the crew and killin it with content and graphics here at the shop!

I am a skater, snowboarder, and longboarder, let’s just call me Skater Girl! We have a lot of exciting things happening at the shop this year and I will keep you in the loop! More photos, more stories, contests, shop jokes, and news are on the way, get pumped!!

Did you know that we now carry tons of t-shirts? We are constantly designing new dope shirts to sell to you that are actually affordable.. Come into Motion Boardshop for $15 shirts with designs created by members of our crew! You won’t find these babies on our website so come visit us! More details on tees coming soon..

That’s all for now, I’m stoked to revive these blogs from the dead! Thank you for staying with us here at Motion, much love for our readers and fans!

Over and out,

-Skater Girl


Throwback Thursday!! My first indoor park experience.

Throwback Thursday!! My first indoor park experience.

Video Recap: The Arlington Centennial Trail Push Race

We were stoked that Rayne Longboards stepped up to sponsor the Centennial Trail Push Race and that their crew came out for the Arlington Centennial Push Race this year. And we were extra stoked that they happened to capture enough footage to throw together this awesome video recap of the event (and all the shenanigans surrounding it). Thanks Rayne!

New from Cloud Ride: Mini Slides & 86a Wheels

Cloud Ride Wheels, who’s longboard wheels have quickly become best sellers here at Motion, recently released some awesome new stuff that we’re pretty stoked to tell you about! First off is 86a Ozones and Slides:

86a Cloud Ride Slide Wheels

86a Cloud Ride Ozone Wheel

Both of these 70mm wheels have been available in softer durometers for a while now, and have both been popular  wheel choices for freeriders of all skill level. While 80a and 83a Slides and Ozones are great for those of you who need a bit more grip and want a more controlled slide that kills more speed, the 86a urethane provides less resistance, which means they’re easier to break traction with and allow you to hold out longer slides without killing so much speed.

…Speaking of sliding, say hello to the new Cloud Ride MINI SLIDES!

Cloud Ride Mini Slides86a Cloud Ride mini Slides

Available in 80a, 83a, and the awesome new 86a urethane, Cloud Ride Mini Slides are exactly as they sound- miniature versions of Cloud Ride’s Classic 70mm Slide Wheels. The 66mm Mini Slides offer everything that their larger counterparts do, and are compact enough to run on almost any top mount longboard setup. One of the most unique features about Mini Slides (and slides) is that they have very bevelled inner and outer lips. The idea behind the bevelled lips is to make it easier to slide over cracks and bumps in the pavement- the bevelled edge helps prevent the wheel from getting caught on small imperfections in the pavement that other wheels might catch on. While these wheels are on the smaller side, they don’t have a particularly narrow contact patch, which means more urethane and a longer lasting wheel.

Overall, we’re really impressed with these new Cloud Ride wheels and we can’t wait to core a set of each. Grab yourself a set of Cloud Rides today!

If you’ve had the chance to shred a set of Cloud Rides, tell us your thoughts in the comment section below! Also, feel free to ask any questions you have about the wheels- we’re happy to answer ‘em. OR, you could leave us a haiku about longboarding. That would be nice. 

The Rayne Longboards Heritage Series

Rayne Longboards is on their 10TH YEAR in business. Through the years they’ve made huge strides in progressing longboard construction and concave design, and have boards that anyone who’s been around would consider classics. We’re stoked to see a choice selection of those decks come back in their newly released HERITAGE SERIES. These classic decks have been updated with the most current in Rayne technology, and with current performance desires in mind, but pay homage to the boards that paved the way for the industry to be where it is today. Take a look at these Simply Steezie decks:

Baboon Graphic Hellcat

Rayne Hellcat Heritage Deck

Last Maple Avenger

Heritage Series Rayne Avenger

Boombox Jesus Timeline

Rayne Heritage Series Timeline

Baby Tupac Hustler

Rayne Huster Longboard Heritage Deck

The Flux

Flux Longboard Deck Heritage

The Rayne Heritage series will be available for purchase online or in store at Motion Boardshop before next week, so hold tight ’cause they’ll be here before you know it. In the meantime, we wanna know which of these longboards you’re the most pumped about. Despite our efforts we can’t hone our ESP enough to read your brains, so comment below or on our Facebook and let us know which Heritage deck has you tingling on the inside the most!  If you have any questions about a particular board in the Rayne Heritage Series, feel free to ask us by leaving a comment below or dropping us a line at the shop at (206)-372-5268!

New Longboard Wheels at Motion Boardshop!

Hey friends! The summer of 2013 at Motion Boardshop has been chock full of fresh new urethane. Whether you’re into downhill, freeride, tech slide, cruising, or dancing, chances are we’ve got an awesome new wheel here to suit your needs! We’re pretty stoked on all the awesome new wheels that have arrived at the shop just in the last few weeks, so we thought we’d give you a quick rundown so ya’ll will be in the know. If any of these wheels are looking particularly intriguing to you, you can get specs and more detailed info just by clicking the photo.

Anyway, in no particular order, here are the newest and awesomest wheels on our shelves:

Rayne Lust

70mm & 75mm | 77a & 80a | centerset core | square lips | downhill oriented


Nersh Tide Turners

72mm | 78a, 80a or 83a | sideset core | rounded lips | freeride oriented


Bustin Five-O

72mm | 77a & 80a | sideset core | rounded lips | freeride oriented


Sugar Canes

70mm | 79a | sideset core | round lips | freeride oriented


$40 These™ 

ATF 317 & 327 | 66mm & 69mm | 80a & 82a | centerset core | round lips | freeride oriented

$40 These Wheels Image

Sector 9 61mm 9-Balls

61mm | 78a | centerset core | round lips | freeride oriented

Sector 9 9-Ball Longboard Wheels

Well, there ya have ‘em! If you want to get details on any of these wheels, just click the photo! Check back in the near future for more blog posts featuring awesome new longboard products- we’re getting new stuff almost every day!

An Overview of the new Rayne Darkside


Rayne has released a number of awesome, progressive longboard decks this year, but I’d have to say their latest creation is my favorite. The Rayne Darkside, which just arrived at the shop this week, combines the coolest freeride deck features all into one radical 36″ bamboo-fiberglass freeride machine! At first glance, the Darkside will catch your attention with it’s intricate top and bottom sheet graphics.
darkside_blog_4 darkside_blog_5

At 9.75″ wide, this directional topmount deck is on the narrower side which works well with the board’s wheelbase, which is 23″-25″. The Darkside’s concave design is like a gift from the gods. Rayne combined radial drops, 4D cupped wheel flares and three stage rocker for an amazing do it all board, kick tail to pop ollies and do flip tricks if that’s your thing.

It’s stiff enough to tackle the hills and handle big stand-ups with speed, it has the bacon of a Rayne Fortune coupled with the front pocket of a Supreme or Rival. Put those together and you’ve got a board that’ll lock you in enough not to need a foot-stop, it also has a perfect medium wheelbase to suit your needs; if you wanna get technical or a little more drift-y, whatever it is, this board will and can fit your style of riding to keep you happy.


Paris Street Trucks are here!

Paris vertical kingpin trucks arrived at the shop this morning and we’re all pretty stoked about ‘em! As of now, they’re available in two hanger widths- 149mm and 169mm. The 149s would be perfect for a smaller deck, like a pool board or street deck, while the 169s are the perfect size for a larger skateboard or tech slide longboard, such as a Rayne Renegade or a Palisades Marooned on Mars. Speaking of the Marooned on Mars… Palisades hooked it up with a sick demo deck for us to play with at the shop (shout out to Palisades for being awesome!), so we went ahead and threw a set of Paris Street Trucks on there and some 60mm 84a Seismic Cry Babys. Check that bad boy out:

Paris Street Trucks on Palisades DeckNow, let me just say that Paris Street Trucks look super bitchin’. At first glance, they look strong and durable, and come in a clean raw finish. The orange bushings look pretty sick too. But the real question is…do the trucks feel as good as they look? We were curious, so we took board out for a spin to get a feel for the trucks. To keep it short, we were surprised by the way they felt, and extremely impressed! The trucks felt more like Paris RKP than we were expecting- they had that effortless, smooth, fluid turning feel that Paris trucks are known and loved for. There really aren’t any other trucks out there that feel like these ones (that we know of at least). They are AWESOME. If you’re one of those longboarders who’ve been riding reverse kingpin trucks for so long that VKPs feel totally wacky and weird to you, then we definitely suggest trying Paris Street trucks. They feel like they’re a RKP/VKP hybrid truck with the best of both worlds. They’re like, the trucks you never knew you needed! We highly recommend picking up a set and trying them out for yourself, we’re pretty sure you’ll appreciate them right away, just like we did!

You can purchase a set of 149mm or 169mm Paris Street Trucks for only $35 at Motion Boardshop. Get some!

PS: You can get all the deetz on the radical new Palisades Marooned On Mars, too!

New Orangatang Moronga Wheels!

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you all know that we received our first shipment of Orangatang’s new longboarding slide wheel in last week- the Moronga! The 72.5mm Moronga wheels were made with hardcore, big-slide, freeride longboarding in mind. The Morongas are poured using Orangatang’s long-lasting “Euphorathane” formula. In addition to the extra durable urethane, the Morongas have a centerset core which means you can rotate your wheels at the first sign of uneven wear and keep shredding without having to deal with coned wheels.

Orangatang Moronga Longboard Wheels

Some longboarders are skeptical of the Morongas because of the similarity between them and Orangatang’s previously recalled wheels, the Baluts. The two wheels share many of the same specs, however many fundamental differences between the two result in two distinctly different wheels. The Moronga’s lip has a whole lot of support due to a core that’s completely filled with urethane. Yes, this adds a bit of weight to the wheel, but it makes for a much stronger and much more supportive core. The lip of the wheel is pretty dang thick and angles inward as it gets closer to the bearing seat, which makes the lip more likely to retain it’s shape consistently throughout the life of the wheel.

Overall we think the Orangatang Morongas seem like very promising wheels. They were made for fast and hard freeriding, and we’re looking forward to testing them out and doing just that! Are you thinking about getting yourself a set of Moronga? If you do, take them out for a few sessions and shred ‘em as hard as you can- then share your thoughts with us! We’re very excited to see what everyone thinks about Orangatang’s newest freeride wheel. Skate safe and always wear a helmet!

The Omen Spawn Longboard Review

With the creation of the Spawn we were introduced to an innovative new technology never seen before in the world of longboarding, the ‘plateau W’ concave:


Recently, the Longboard Consortium over at Silverfish did an in-depth review on the Omen Spawn. We thought we’d share what the riders at Silverfish thought of Omen’s twist on the classic W-concave design:

…we can without a doubt say the Spawn has the best feeling W-cave we’ve had the pleasure of standing on. It’s definitely the highlight of the deck…but what does it mean functionally? It means toesides are locked, but if one were to hang their heel off for a heelside, the deck doesn’t feel like there’s some big rock under the ball of your foot. The concave cradles the foot, but doesn’t limit the stance possibilities and shifting around one’s feet. To put it terms we can all relate to: it feels really really really good. Either Omen Longbards took a swing in the dark and hit a homerun with this concave, or the minds over at that shop are really reevaluating how exactly we can be plugged into a deck. Whatever is the truth, we’re more than impressed.

Sounds like they’re diggin’ the plateau-W! Read the rest of the review to see if the folks at Silverfish thought as highly about the rest of the Spawn as they did about the concave design.

Omen Spawn Decks

Wanna feel really really really good, too? Order your Omen Spawn from us to get fast and free shipping!