Local Shredder Showcase: DYLAN PIERCE


Hailing from Bothel, Washington, Dylan has been a mega-stoked skater supporting his local scene and cranking out dope threads for shredders at www.122streetwear.com. We brought him into the shop for an intense line of questioning. 

How long have you been skating? 

3 years

What style of riding do you favor? 

Style of riding? I get the bottom of the hill and have as much fun as possible. Skate everything

Favorite wheels? 

Cloudride Mini-slides

Yeah those are dope. How old were you when you got your first kiss?

13 years old

How did you start up your local scene?

I started my local scene by harassing 8th graders into skateboarding

What was it like putting on your first event?

Putting on my first event was stressful. Planning everything, talking to locals, getting supplies. Its a full deal.

I dunno man, I showed up to one of those lit night-seshs and it was pretty fun. Til the cops rolled through. 

Thats how she goes.

Best song to sing in the shower?
Firework, by Katy Perry.

What made you really want to start skating seriously? 

I started skating cause I ate shit my first time and wanted to get payback

Tell me about your best hobo experience. 

My best one involves this one shitfaced dude taking my board at a skatepark and trying to drop in. Totally ate shit. It was stellar.

Best place you’ve ever traveled to. 
Favorite place to travel? San Francisco and the Bay area. Sweet hills and sweeter women.

Ahh, you dog. Most memorable encounter with the law?

Best cop story? We got chased down a parking garage by a dude lights and sirens blaring
He was squealing through corners keeping up with us

Did he catch you? 


Shitty. Whats your setup dawg? 

Omen barbarian, Atlas trucks 51/41 split, Free Ballins

How much money would an anonymous donor have to give you for you to step on a kitten? 




Ever been in a fight?

Old dude beat me up at a party once.

Musta been some party. 

I go ham.

Word. Well thanks for letting me do my job wasting your time. Any sponsors you wanna shout out before we wrap this bad boy up? 

Hi Mom!


And so we sent young Dylan on his merry way, back out into the dangerous world fraught with killer party-goers and naughty cops. But Dylan isn’t scared, no he isn’t. Dylan’s a man now. Or something. 

We’re all excited to see you back out on the hills bud. 


Skating Stuff and Stuff

It was late into the day that I awoke to glorious rays of sunshine beaming into my face.

I had a decision to make.

To make food and watch T.V…. or skateboard. 

I knew what must be done to salvage the remnants of the daylight.

I proceeded to blow up my friend’s phones.


Fast-forward a couple hours and the ugly teenagers had assembled on the treacherous E-line, the bus formerly known as the 358. A notorious bus route traversing the length of Aurora, its penchant for transporting your average garden-variety homeless to aggressive loons proclaiming to be the next messiah held especially true for our short journey to Seattle.

IMG_7390 IMG_7389

One friendly stranger even took it upon himself to regale us with rumors of an underground city that housed ancient Vedic texts that could give us powers to overthrow the government.


Tho alas, the tale was cut short as we had to hop off the bus to stop by our favorite skate shop…


… to say whats up and cop some last-minute gear before our excursion.

We arrived in time to catch the last bit of sun.


Then it got dark,


The homie Jamillion scared himself,


And then we stopped at one of the last sacred places on God’s sweet earth.


The Chinese joint in the Marketplace have the most righteous Hombows known to man. Don’t even ask what they are just find the place and ask for their Hombows and take whatever they fucking give you and finally start living your life.


Thus powered by the awesome might of the hombows we bravely sallied forth back into the night, bellies full and hearts lusty.

We skated some more.

IMG_7403 IMG_7404

And generally had a chill time.


And a chillin time it was; productive with eating, falling, and general debauchery.

It was way cooler than if I had just slept in more or stayed in being a vegetable at home. I kind of had an alarming realization on the way back home that if I had just decided to be lame this morning, none of this day would have ever even happened.

woahhhhh mannnnnn

But really. I realize for me during the winter its easy to feel stagnated and that there’s never anything to do, but the honest and badass truth is that glorious adventure awaits all who choose to seek it out.

Or something I guess; I don’t really know.

Now go forth and skate stuff.

“Why am I invincible with headphones in?”

Fellow shop-rat C.J Garner brought up an interesting point the other day:

Safety issues aside, sometimes while you’re cooking down a hairy run it just helps to have some jams blasting in your ear.

Good warrior tunes to really remind ya whats swinging between your legs when you’re out there scaring yourself and pushing the limits.

Something to get you totally JUICED and in the right mindstate to risk life and limb for glory (and dope instagram pics).

Aint he right?

I was mobbing shirtless through the Panty-Raid in like 40* weather to this and I couldn’t feel nothing but stoke.

Not the cold, not the road rash that nearly laid claim to my right nipple.

Nothing but pure, unadulterated stoke to the highest degree.

I was going into turns switch that scared me regular and all I could think was “fuck em fuck em fuck em.”

I’m not quite saying its intelligent or necessary, but music can help or hinder you.

I think the human tendency towards empathy make our vibes really align with whatever we expose ourselves to.

For example I tried skating the same hills to this

and fell off my board immediately to cry about my ex and how tragically misunderstood I am all the time always forever.


Music does stuff to you; listen to the jams that match what you’re tryna do and wanna see in yourself.

Go out and do dope things.

(disclaimer, you should probably leave one earbud out when you’re skating so you can hear cars. It’d suck pretty bad to become a smoothie just because you let a Prius sneak up on you)

The 6 Phases of Coring Wheels

  1. Honeymoon phase (but only with the idea of the wheel)


You did your homework. Read every review and wheel comparison. You watched the Motion video on the wheels over and over again. Saved up your allowance and pulled the trigger now they’re in your hands, all cellophane wrapped and sticker attached. Ooooh baby the stoke is real and you can’t wait to spread these wheels all over your driveway.



  1. Actually riding them (the break-in period)


Huh. These are a lot harder to slide than you thought they’d be. Why can’t I do the fat switch-backside checks I was promised?! Run after unsatisfying run down your local hill and you keep getting bucked or totally icing out. You hate this. Your friends are making funny faces and flipping you off as they blast slides past where you are picking yourself up from. You are dropping dignity where you should be dropping thane lanes. You leave the hill in anguished tears, hoping your mom made that soup you really like.



  1. WAIT THESE ARE SWEET (post-break-in)


At it again. Only this time you’re a couple millimeters deeper into the urethane than you were at first. All of a sudden you’re really digging into your setup carves and buttering out your slides. You’re mixing up your style a bit. That’s right, you just put your hand back there to stalefish your otherwise average squatter. You are a skating god; these wheels are amazing.



  1. This feels gross. (Disenchantment)

 photo 1

You were having a really good time. But something feels off this session. You can’t quite put your finger on it. The familiar grip-slip ratio you’ve come to love seems to be warping into something unsavory. All your banana-jamming down runs are starting to take their toll; your feet are receiving unconsented massages from the vibrations caused by flatspotted wheels. You feel violated; betrayed. You start looking into other wheels, but know you shouldn’t get more until you core the ones you already have. You swear a sacred oath to end the life of these nasty ass wheels even if it costs you your life.





The last two millimeters of urethane bitterly resist your advances. How many times have you hiked up this godforsaken hill only to 90-blast a squatter in the hopes that you’ll hit the core? This time. This time. The mantra repeats itself as you trundle back up the hill. The wheel is clearly invincible. You have all but given up hope.



  1. Sweet, sweet victory at last

 photo 2

YEAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHEEEEAAAAAAAAAS!!!!!!!!!!11!!1!!!!!!1!!!!one!1!!!!!!1!!!!!! You’ve finally done it. Sure, you only see part of the core on one or two wheels since you invariably favor heelsides but WHO CARES?! The wheels are DONE with. Finally, all your hard work has paid off and now you have yet another useless stack of plastic to add to your collection. You are now the coolest. You did it champ. You got em. You really won.

Now for a new set of wheels…

“Thane is cool” -Sam Galus

The phrase immortalized by the man himself.

Thane is cool.” 

But…. why?

This point has been discussed ad infinitum between our team riders for years now. Manly yarns of burning urethane and leaving behind the longest skid-marks have long since been the primary method of pissing-contests between riders ever since sliding without your gloves really started to catch on back when double-drops were in and people still rode Durians.

It is so that I’ve come to the bitter conclusion that the time is now ripe to truly address the only question that could ever really possibly matter in this life:

Why is thane cool?

 FullSizeRender (1)

Now for those of you that’re new to the sport, “thane” describes the streaks of urethane left behind on a surface when a wheel slides across it. A wheel that has a weaker urethane breaks down quicker, typically lending to smoother slides and more “thane” left behind as the wheel rapidly comes apart from the friction.


But why is this cool?!

Certainly thane can’t just be cool simply because it is.

If thane is cool does that mean cool things are thane?

Are cigarettes thane? Is Tony Montana thane? Did a thane autumn breeze gently tousle your golden locks? Do polar bears feel thane? Did you look thane in your new sunglasses as you triumphantly stood atop a mountain of fallen foes overlooking a thaney Moroccan sunrise?

No you didn’t. You might’ve looked cool as hell though.

So thane can’t really be all that cool is.

Yet one cannot deny that there is a certain feeling you get when you look back up a tasty hill you just shredded your way down and see all the places you mashed on.

You can tell who was feeling the ballsiest that day and went faster into their slides (and subsequently leaving longer lines) than their friends (though long lines aren’t necessarily a perfect metric for cajones since some wheels can slide very far at slow speeds and vice versa).

And then there’s also that feeling you get when you are driving by a potentially rad place to shred or roll up to a familiar shred-spot and find lines that are already there.

You’re all like “oh YUUUUUUUUP” and get all pumped up to skate.

Thane lines stand as a public declaration to other skaters that may frequent that spot that I WAS HERE. THIS WAS ME. I RIPPED YOUR SPOT HARDER THAN YOU, LOOK AT THESE FATASS LINES, and so on.


I suppose the real reason we’re feeling the thane is that its just gratifying to see. It feels good to notice one day at the local spot that your lines are now reaching from the mailbox to the sewer grate instead of the end of the driveway and you know you like that feeling because it means you’re getting better.

We all love pushing the limits. I guess thane just shows us where we stand.

And everyone likes to feel like all their scabs, money, and sweat poured out to fuel this love is worthwhile and means something.

Or whatever, I don’t really know.

Why do YOU think thane is cool?

Drop a comment below.


Back, Bad, and still Dangerous

Salutations, internet. TJ Joo here to give y’all the heads up that we are getting this blog up and running again, though we’re going to be doing things a little bit differently for 2015.

I have recently been blessed with the almost god-like powers of creative control over the going-ons of this corner of the internet, and I wholeheartedly intend to abuse that power to the fullest extent of my abilities. This abandoned husk of a musty gear-catalogue shall be given new breath, blown into it by the minty freshness of none other than I.

But what does this mean for you, the reader? 

It means bangers.

It means long-winded rants on the state of the skate scene.

Reflections on travel, steeze, sponsorships, lifestyle, gear, trends, gnar, fear, glory, cajones and more, all splattered across this empty canvass like a peanutbutter pipe-bomb.

Welcome to your new homepage.


Love, me

Fresh Friday Complete- BGDK

It’s Friday and the boys at the shop decided to throw a new complete together for y’all to ogle and for one fine shredder to swoop up and actually ride! Today, we’re getting you set on the versatile Bustin BGDK!


We’ve pimped out this ginormous skateboard with the ultimate components for shredding any single urban freeride thing you can possibly fathom. This encompasses some balling and strong Gullwing Charger II’s (with the powder blue to match) and 65mm Butterballs.


Why the deck?

Better question, why not? The Bustin BGDK hits every single point one could want when looking for a topmount freeride destroyer. First off, the concave combination is stellar.


It has got 3D wheel wells, slight W and radial concave to hold your feet and provide leverage wherever you stand. Also, with the alignment of the kicktail combining with 3D concave, you get a pocket like feeling that only kicktailed freeride boards have. Another plus, the kicktail


With this hefty monster, you still have full efficiency and usage of a nose and kicktail. Therefore, kick out some blunt slides to look extra cool and never get off your board when you’re hopping on and off curbs. Enough about the wood, what else is on this thing?

Gullwing Charger II’s


We picked these trucks because the color matched, duh. No, but really though, the beefy hangers of the Gullwing’s will take on any aerial damage this board will put them through, as well as offer a surfy and nimble ride for getting around obstacles or carving into some big slides.

65mm ButterballsIMG_0856

No one likes wheelbite and everyone likes thane lines. 65mm Butterballs allow this setup both, without a riser or shock pad even! Nice! Beyond that, the small wheel giving easy initiation into slides and being controllable at all speeds make this setup complete and even more comfortable for everyday riding situations.

What else?

So, this setup as a whole is wheelbite free, will leave thane, has utilizable kicktails and is even a little discounted! Get it here http://www.motionboardshop.com/products/fresh-friday-complete-bgdk before some other lucky cat does!

-Jackson Wells