Less than a week ’til the Centennial Trail Push Race!

The Centennial Trail Longboard Push Race is just around the corner, and we can’t wait! This weekend is gonna be epic, you guys. We wanted to give you a heads up and let you know that we’re extending the early registration discount price through this Friday (October 11th) at midnight (Eastern Standard Time). So if you’re planning on participating in the push race, register online or at the shop before then to get the best price! You’ll still be able to register on Saturday, the day of the race, but you won’t get the discounted rate.

Arlington Longboard Skateboard Push Race Flyer

To make things even sweeter, everyone who registers before Friday at midnight will also be entered in to win this radical blue Omen Sugar deck! There are less than 5 blue Sugars in the whole wide world, and if you win this deck, one of them will be yours! The winner will be announced at the push race on Sunday. Disregard what the photo below says about registering by Wednesday…you have until Friday, yo!

Omen Sugar Longboard Giveaway

We’ve got some amazing sponsors on board who are donating their time, money and gear to help make this push race rock! In addition to the $2500 prize purse, we’ve got tons of gear and swag to give out, including complete longboard setups, decks, wheels, trucks, half shell and full face helmets, slide gloves, t-shirts, bearings, hats and more! You’ll also have the chance to peruse booths at the event and check out all sorts of sweet gear and apparel. The following vendors will have booths at Legion Park: Rayne Longboards, Omen Longboards, Motion Boardshop (hey, that’s us!) and local Arlington-based apparel company Vitalire. Be sure to hang around after Sunday’s race to enjoy some grub in the park- Steve from Rocket Alley Bar and Grill, a local Arlington restaurant, will be barbecuing burgers from noon to 3pm!

If you like the sound of skating, food, drinks, and fun, we recommend heading up to Legion Park in Arlington this weekend to join in the festivities! You can find more information on the Arlington Centennial Trail Longboard Push Race here.

New Longboard Wheels at Motion Boardshop!

Hey friends! The summer of 2013 at Motion Boardshop has been chock full of fresh new urethane. Whether you’re into downhill, freeride, tech slide, cruising, or dancing, chances are we’ve got an awesome new wheel here to suit your needs! We’re pretty stoked on all the awesome new wheels that have arrived at the shop just in the last few weeks, so we thought we’d give you a quick rundown so ya’ll will be in the know. If any of these wheels are looking particularly intriguing to you, you can get specs and more detailed info just by clicking the photo.

Anyway, in no particular order, here are the newest and awesomest wheels on our shelves:

Rayne Lust

70mm & 75mm | 77a & 80a | centerset core | square lips | downhill oriented


Nersh Tide Turners

72mm | 78a, 80a or 83a | sideset core | rounded lips | freeride oriented


Bustin Five-O

72mm | 77a & 80a | sideset core | rounded lips | freeride oriented


Sugar Canes

70mm | 79a | sideset core | round lips | freeride oriented


$40 These™ 

ATF 317 & 327 | 66mm & 69mm | 80a & 82a | centerset core | round lips | freeride oriented

$40 These Wheels Image

Sector 9 61mm 9-Balls

61mm | 78a | centerset core | round lips | freeride oriented

Sector 9 9-Ball Longboard Wheels

Well, there ya have ‘em! If you want to get details on any of these wheels, just click the photo! Check back in the near future for more blog posts featuring awesome new longboard products- we’re getting new stuff almost every day!

An Overview of the new Rayne Darkside


Rayne has released a number of awesome, progressive longboard decks this year, but I’d have to say their latest creation is my favorite. The Rayne Darkside, which just arrived at the shop this week, combines the coolest freeride deck features all into one radical 36″ bamboo-fiberglass freeride machine! At first glance, the Darkside will catch your attention with it’s intricate top and bottom sheet graphics.
darkside_blog_4 darkside_blog_5

At 9.75″ wide, this directional topmount deck is on the narrower side which works well with the board’s wheelbase, which is 23″-25″. The Darkside’s concave design is like a gift from the gods. Rayne combined radial drops, 4D cupped wheel flares and three stage rocker for an amazing do it all board, kick tail to pop ollies and do flip tricks if that’s your thing.

It’s stiff enough to tackle the hills and handle big stand-ups with speed, it has the bacon of a Rayne Fortune coupled with the front pocket of a Supreme or Rival. Put those together and you’ve got a board that’ll lock you in enough not to need a foot-stop, it also has a perfect medium wheelbase to suit your needs; if you wanna get technical or a little more drift-y, whatever it is, this board will and can fit your style of riding to keep you happy.


The Arlington Centennial Trail Skateboard Push Race

If you haven’t heard, we’ve teamed up with the International Distance Skateboard Association to organize an awesome two-day distance skateboard event on October 12th and 13th, 2013!

The event is set to go down in the scenic town of Arlington, WA (about 40 minutes north of Seattle, WA). Dubbed the ‘Centennial Trail Push Race’, the event will be made up of three separate distance longboard/skateboard races- a 1 mile sprint race, a 3.1mile/5K race, and a 13.1mile/half marathon race. A $2500 prize purse will be split between the fastest skaters in each division of each race. In addition, our generous event sponsors have donated LOADS of prizes to be doled out to race participants, including decks, wheels, bearings, trucks, stickers, shirts, hats, and posters.

Arlington Centennial Trail Push Race Flyer

Even if you’re not the fastest skater, you won’t be going home empty-handed. You’ll have tons of opportunities to get your paws on some free swag! Prizes will be awarded to winners of the following categories:

  • oldest participant
  • youngest participant
  • slowest participant
  • best costume
  • jankiest setup
  • smallest wheels
  • steeziest push racer
  • best trick
  • worst trick
  • more to come… (suggestions appreciated!)

You can register for the push race at this website online, or in person at Motion Boardshop in Seattle. Click here to register online. We encourage you to register early to reserve a spot as registration fills up quickly. Plus you’ll get an early registration discount!

Visit the Centennial Trail Information Page on our website for details on the event, including registration costs and event deadlines.

Paris Street Trucks are here!

Paris vertical kingpin trucks arrived at the shop this morning and we’re all pretty stoked about ‘em! As of now, they’re available in two hanger widths- 149mm and 169mm. The 149s would be perfect for a smaller deck, like a pool board or street deck, while the 169s are the perfect size for a larger skateboard or tech slide longboard, such as a Rayne Renegade or a Palisades Marooned on Mars. Speaking of the Marooned on Mars… Palisades hooked it up with a sick demo deck for us to play with at the shop (shout out to Palisades for being awesome!), so we went ahead and threw a set of Paris Street Trucks on there and some 60mm 84a Seismic Cry Babys. Check that bad boy out:

Paris Street Trucks on Palisades DeckNow, let me just say that Paris Street Trucks look super bitchin’. At first glance, they look strong and durable, and come in a clean raw finish. The orange bushings look pretty sick too. But the real question is…do the trucks feel as good as they look? We were curious, so we took board out for a spin to get a feel for the trucks. To keep it short, we were surprised by the way they felt, and extremely impressed! The trucks felt more like Paris RKP than we were expecting- they had that effortless, smooth, fluid turning feel that Paris trucks are known and loved for. There really aren’t any other trucks out there that feel like these ones (that we know of at least). They are AWESOME. If you’re one of those longboarders who’ve been riding reverse kingpin trucks for so long that VKPs feel totally wacky and weird to you, then we definitely suggest trying Paris Street trucks. They feel like they’re a RKP/VKP hybrid truck with the best of both worlds. They’re like, the trucks you never knew you needed! We highly recommend picking up a set and trying them out for yourself, we’re pretty sure you’ll appreciate them right away, just like we did!

You can purchase a set of 149mm or 169mm Paris Street Trucks for only $35 at Motion Boardshop. Get some!

PS: You can get all the deetz on the radical new Palisades Marooned On Mars, too!

How To Avoid Speed Wobbles on A Longboard Skateboard

1. Adjust Your Bushings

Get the proper bushing setup for your riding style and speed. Softer bushings often provide more rebound which can further encourage speed wobbles, but stiff bushings are not the answer to fixing wobbles.

You can help battle speed wobbles with a harder bushing setup but be warned: if your bushings are too stiff it can be more difficult to keep under your feet during awkward moments. During quick turns, this can result in the rider attempting to turn in one direction and the board not being able turn quick enough to stay underneath the rider.

Bushings are something that need to be experimented with to find out exactly what works for you and your riding style.

Longboard Bushings

2. Shift Your Weight Forward

There is a reason most vehicles don’t steer from the rear, it just doesn’t work, especially at higher speeds. Leaning back will cause you to lose control over your board and oversteer during turns. It’s natural to want to lean back, but don’t!

3. Move Carefully & Confidently

Sudden movements make speed wobbles worse, so when you shift your weight, do so with caution and confidence. Be prepared for your board to turn a little when you shift your weight and be sure to go with the turn when it happens.

4. Tighten Your Back Truck

  Similar to having more weight over your front foot, having your rear truck tighter than the front will give you more control and stability by forcing your board to turn more from its front wheels.

5. Use Wedging & Lower Angle Trucks

Wedging and truck angles are the answer to physically changing how far your trucks will turn.

Lower angles will cause the truck to turn even less which will make for a more stable ride. Many downhill longboarders will ride with a low angle truck in back to ensure that the board will turn from the front and while remaining stable in the back. A lot of us here at Motion Boardshop ride with 184mm Caliber Trucks with 44 degree baseplates (in picture on left) or 180mm Randal Trucks with 42 degree baseplates (right).

6. Relax & Get Low

It’s easier said than done when you’re bombing a hill and start to wobble, but relaxing your body will go a long way.

Bending your knees will lower your center of gravity and give you much more stability, but it won’t always get rid of speed wobbles. The importance of relaxing and going with the flow can’t be overlooked. Get low, relax your legs and focus on keeping your upper body over your board and positioned slightly forward. Attack the hill and if your board starts to wobble, stay relaxed and confident.

7. Practice Slowing Down & Stopping

It’s much easier to feel relaxed while bombing a hill if you know you could throw a speed check or slide to a stop at any time. Learning various stopping techniques and being comfortable doing them is one of the most important skills any longboarder can have. We highly recommend learning how to stop and practicing it often. Call us for any time for recommendations on learning to stop.

10 Tips on Learning to Slide on Your Longboard Skateboard

1. Loosen your trucks. If the trucks on your longboard are too tight, you wont be able to carve into your slide as easily.

2. Go faster. It may be scary, but the faster you go, the easier it is to break into a slide.

3. Find the right spot. A good, steep hill will help you get more speed, plus you’ll be able to slide longer at a slower speed. Sliding will also be easier if the road has smooth, clean pavement that’s free of cracks and gravel. Also, a spot with very little traffic will allow you to focus more on skating and less on avoiding cars and pedestrians.

4. Distribute your weight correctly. Put more weight on your front foot and push with your back foot.

5. Ride on wet pavement. Try riding in the rain, or when the ground is wet. Wet pavement reduces traction, making slides easier.

6. Get the right wheels. Small, round-lipped wheels make it easy to break traction and start sliding. Also, keep in mind that wheels will slide more easily after they’re broken in than when they’re brand new.

7. Get low. Bending your knees will make it easier to push out into a slide. Also, being low means less distance to the ground when you fall.

8. Get even lower! If possible, get a longboard that’ll get you closer to the ground, such as a drop deck or a deck with drop-thru truck mounts.

9. Find people to skate with who have more experience than yourself. Ask them to watch you and tell you what you should do differently!

10. Wear safety gear. A helmet and longboard slide gloves are a must. We recommend knee and elbow pads too. You’ll be more comfortable pushing yourself if you feel more comfortable falling.

If you’re having trouble deciding on a set of slide wheels, be sure to check out 8 Best Longboard Skateboard Slide Wheels. For all you more experienced longboarders out there, how did you learn to slide? If you have any advice for shredders who are just learning, feel free to share it in the comment section below!