Back, Bad, and still Dangerous

Salutations, internet. TJ Joo here to give y’all the heads up that we are getting this blog up and running again, though we’re going to be doing things a little bit differently for 2015.

I have recently been blessed with the almost god-like powers of creative control over the going-ons of this corner of the internet, and I wholeheartedly intend to abuse that power to the fullest extent of my abilities. This abandoned husk of a musty gear-catalogue shall be given new breath, blown into it by the minty freshness of none other than I.

But what does this mean for you, the reader? 

It means bangers.

It means long-winded rants on the state of the skate scene.

Reflections on travel, steeze, sponsorships, lifestyle, gear, trends, gnar, fear, glory, cajones and more, all splattered across this empty canvass like a peanutbutter pipe-bomb.

Welcome to your new homepage.


Love, me

Fresh Friday Complete- BGDK

It’s Friday and the boys at the shop decided to throw a new complete together for y’all to ogle and for one fine shredder to swoop up and actually ride! Today, we’re getting you set on the versatile Bustin BGDK!


We’ve pimped out this ginormous skateboard with the ultimate components for shredding any single urban freeride thing you can possibly fathom. This encompasses some balling and strong Gullwing Charger II’s (with the powder blue to match) and 65mm Butterballs.


Why the deck?

Better question, why not? The Bustin BGDK hits every single point one could want when looking for a topmount freeride destroyer. First off, the concave combination is stellar.


It has got 3D wheel wells, slight W and radial concave to hold your feet and provide leverage wherever you stand. Also, with the alignment of the kicktail combining with 3D concave, you get a pocket like feeling that only kicktailed freeride boards have. Another plus, the kicktail


With this hefty monster, you still have full efficiency and usage of a nose and kicktail. Therefore, kick out some blunt slides to look extra cool and never get off your board when you’re hopping on and off curbs. Enough about the wood, what else is on this thing?

Gullwing Charger II’s


We picked these trucks because the color matched, duh. No, but really though, the beefy hangers of the Gullwing’s will take on any aerial damage this board will put them through, as well as offer a surfy and nimble ride for getting around obstacles or carving into some big slides.

65mm ButterballsIMG_0856

No one likes wheelbite and everyone likes thane lines. 65mm Butterballs allow this setup both, without a riser or shock pad even! Nice! Beyond that, the small wheel giving easy initiation into slides and being controllable at all speeds make this setup complete and even more comfortable for everyday riding situations.

What else?

So, this setup as a whole is wheelbite free, will leave thane, has utilizable kicktails and is even a little discounted! Get it here before some other lucky cat does!

-Jackson Wells

Some Fresh Summer Freeride Wheels



ImageSummer is approaching us fast, which means it is the season of killing wheels. This inevitably leads to requiring new wheels, and how could one possibly make the decision with so much fresh product on the market that will feel good. Here we will go in-depth on some of the newer wheels and why you should choose them for what styles of freeriding.

Galaxy Meteors


Galaxy Meteors are a new, bigger wheel (72mm 81a), sure to satisfy the lovers of fast freeriding. With a wider contact patch, you get a level of control that is complimented perfectly with higher speed slides. They’re still relatively easy to kick out, but there will be more resistance than a Swinger, Hoot or other slippery freeride wheel. The urethane is really glidey, but still thanes like it is digging into the pavement. For how much they thane, they are also exceptionally resilient and wear down pretty slowly. If you’re looking for a fast freeride wheel or are a bigger rider and want more thane to kill, Meteors are for you. 

Remember Hoots


Remember Hoots are some of the more slidey freeride wheels Motion Boardshop has ever come across. If you are a lighter rider (120lbs>) and need something easy to kick out and even easier to hold out, the Hoots are designed just for you. They leave bright thane lines, yet also wear slower than the lines would indicate. Plus, they’re only $33!!! Meaning if you’re trying to skate this Summer on a budget, these will be the ace up your sleeve. We gave ‘em to some Mobots to try out and here’s the result

Rad Glides 


Rad has taken their extra supportive core and quick, smooth urethane and put it in a more freeride oriented shape. Compared to their Releases, the Glides are sideset and feature a much rounder lip. This, combined with their new blue 82a urethane, you’ve got the choice to get super slidey on rad wheels. The 78a will be great for controlling your speed and slowing down on all sorts of terrain. The 80 and 82a are going to be the easy to kick out, slide forever fun package that the lighter or younger riders will want. Be looking for a new review of these bad boys soon!

Keanus and Kilmers 



Back off Fat Frees and Stimulus, the Kilmers and Keanus are here to dominate Orangatang’s lineup of freeride wheels. With Orangatang’s patented buttery urethane and a more supportive, centerset core, you get a brand new package that lets you wear them more evenly and get more weight over the entire wheel. This allows for more life to be utilized in the wheel, as well as gets you a more controlled feeling when sliding since you are utilizing more of it. This means for the 80a’s, you get a solid amount of speed-killing with a predictable hookup. 83a will kill a bit less speed, but still offer control, making them ideal for huge slides. The 86a will be some drifty fun, for those looking to throw rotational slides or float out huge stand-ups at lower speeds. If you have wheelbite problems or just want easier initiation into slides, the Keanu’s smaller package (66mm) will be for you. If wheelbite isn’t an issue and you want more life out of the wheel, treat yourself to some Kilmers (69mm). 

Retro Erniez



If you’re one of the many that has had the pleasure of destroying a set of Bertz, you know how smooth and fun the Amber Retro thane is. But the only downside of Bertz is the size and durability. Well, step aside Bertz because here’s Erniez! The Erniez give you a larger, wider and more rounded package with the same great thane. This makes the wheel more of a legit freeride package, rather than a set of wheels you kill in a session. They’re easy to kick out, dump thane lines and are controllable at any speed. Anyone from a younger 80 pound grom to an experience 200 pound skater will love these wheels. 

Remember Pee-Wees



Along the same lines of their Hoots, Remember Pee-Wees are exceptionally slidey and thaney. If you’ve got a double kick you freeride, if you weigh nothing and ride topmounts or if you just want a wheel that takes no effort to float out, Pee-Wee’s are going to be the $29 ace in your hole. 

Sector 9 Marshmallows


Small wheel freeriding is a big part of the trends going on currently. Sector 9 has made Marshmallows to take the trend to the next level. With such rounded lips and very little contact patch, Marshmallows are another set of wheels fit for younger and lighter riders to get their slides just that much longer and easier. Despite being 78a, they do not kill that much speed and are comfortable wheels for throwing long stand-up slides. They dump thane, wear at a relative pace and will fit on any deck. Worth it for any slide jam or smaller board you’ve got!


Hope these descriptions and details will get you that much closer to getting the wheels of your dreams! 


Setup Sundays: Jackson’s Sugar!





What’s up internet, we here at Motion Boardshop are doing a new weekly/bi-weekly posting of what our team riders are kicking around on, why they like it and other cool details. We’re starting off with Jackson Wells and his favorite setup as of recently.  Check out his Omen Sugar! ImageJackson has been riding and Omen Longboards Sugar, 180mm Atlas Trucks and 78a Rad Releases. ImageWhy the Sugar? “The Sugar has been my favorite deck from Omen for a long time. With the flared wheel wells, rocker and micro-drops, my feet immediately know where to go without question. Whether it be kicking out stand-up checks at high speeds or gripping the fast and sweepy corners, I can dig into the flared wheel wells for ultimate control and comfort.”ImageWhy Atlas? “Atlas trucks have been the first pair of non-precision trucks to really catch my eye in the last three or four years. The versatility of them with the flip-able hanger actually being able to be utilized is exceptional. Since it has a more symmetrical bushing seat, when you flip them, you still get the same feeling out of the truck with just the perks of the lower baseplate. With the simple flip of a hanger, I can get as much stability as I need for fast hills and still be able to carve around and have a good time. Also, the large ball pivot provides a feeling that is completely different than anything I’ve ridden before. It gives you more of a range of motion and is nice and alive. Although that sounds like it may be sketchy for speed, it allows you to make smaller movements to make a big difference in setup carves and other turning based stuff.”

Bushing Setup? “Since I’m always around 160 pounds and typically do lots of fast freeriding, I throw a 87a Venom barrel on bottom and a 85a Venom Freeride/Stepped cone on top. This lets me get a good mix of stable and turny so I can carve the sidewalks and trails and still be centered enough to tackle the fast, technical hills.”

Why the Rad Releases? “Like I’ve said, fast freeride is one of my favorite disciplines of skating and is what I do most. The 78a kill a considerable amount of speed and are super controlled when kicking them out, regardless of how fast you’re going. They are also nice and durable, which is something I need since I have a bad habit of flatspotting wheels.” ImageThis will wrap up our rundown of Jackson’s setup! If you want to craft one similar, check out our website to grab any of the sick gear and get yourself shredding hills immediately! 

New Omen Buzzkill!

The boys at Omen have been prototyping a new topmount deck and it is finally out, we are proud to present Omen’s new Buzzkill! Get yours here for only $139.99! For an awesome downhill setup, throw on some Caliber 44* trucks and 70mm 80a Rayne Lusts. If you’re looking for a more versatile freeride setup, throw on some 180mm Atlas Trucks and 66mm 83a Cloud Ride Mini Slides. Motion and Omen’s team rider Jackson Wells has been riding his with that setup and has been digging it for all around riding. If you’re in the market for a fresh topmount deck, we highly suggest you check out this bad boy!

New Stuff!

The season is starting up, the sun is coming out and skaters and new products are coming out to play. Here’s a look at some bad ass new gear we’ve got kicking around the shop!


Sector 9 Skiddles and Slick Shoes:

Sector 9 has come out with some new freeride wheels to stoke out the kiddies, Skiddles and Slick Shoes. Both a small contact patch (29/30mm), almost sideset and round lipped, you get a fun and slidey package. Combine that with pre-broken in, sugary urethane, you get epic thane lines and smooth slides all day. And yes, they do thane the color of the wheel. One of the cooler molds of wheels released and they are completely optimized for slide jam steeze. You’ll be seeing them all over the slopestyle circuit this year.




Blood Orange Liam Morgan Pro Series:

Liam Morgan has collaborated with Blood Orange to create a new line of wheels! They’ve got three different sizes and packages to accommodate your setup and style of riding. They are all 82a and are going to give you a glidey and slidey fun time. 60mm are a great smaller wheel to bust tons of slides or hold out some fatties. Plus, they’ll fit on any setup wheelbite free. 65mm will offer the in-between package to still fit on your topmounts, but still get you more urethane to shred through. With the 70mm, you get maximum urethane, a bit larger package, which will kill a little more speed and get you more roll speed out of the wheel. Any of them are great choices for people looking to do tons of sliding!





Sector 9 Rocker:

Sector 9 also has a new symmetrical topmount, the Rocker. Its got a half-inch of rocker and some radial concave to make the topmount platform exceptionally comfortable. The rocker dips down and combines with the concave so you have rad indicators to put your feet and lock in for sliding, tucking or just cruising around. There’s flushmounting to get you a little closer to the ground and to give you more leverage over your wheels with a little bit more stability as well. It’s also made of wood and two layers of tri-axial fiberglass to give you extra strength and rigidity.  For an all inclusive topmount, the Rocker fits the bill and adds extra comfort to get you stoked!





Sector 9 Gasket Knee Pads:


Sector 9 has changed the game on safety gear with their new Gasket kneepads! They’ve got a hard cap kneepad that’s removable, and when that is done, they are still a fully functional soft pair of kneepads (like g-forms or exo-skins). This is nice for those who are raging more dangerous stuff like fast freeride, but also want the option to remove the pad so they can sit comfortably in their tuck for downhill runs. All in all, one of the best accessories a longboarder could get to stay safe.



Blood Orange Colored Grip:

Now on roll, in tons of color and with the same bad ass foot grabbing grit you are used to. Snag a few feet of either purple, neon blue, green, red or orange and get your setup pimped out and colorful today!


Killin it with Content

What’s up Motion Boardshop readers?!? I’m brand new to the crew and killin it with content and graphics here at the shop!

I am a skater, snowboarder, and longboarder, let’s just call me Skater Girl! We have a lot of exciting things happening at the shop this year and I will keep you in the loop! More photos, more stories, contests, shop jokes, and news are on the way, get pumped!!

Did you know that we now carry tons of t-shirts? We are constantly designing new dope shirts to sell to you that are actually affordable.. Come into Motion Boardshop for $15 shirts with designs created by members of our crew! You won’t find these babies on our website so come visit us! More details on tees coming soon..

That’s all for now, I’m stoked to revive these blogs from the dead! Thank you for staying with us here at Motion, much love for our readers and fans!

Over and out,

-Skater Girl


Throwback Thursday!! My first indoor park experience.

Throwback Thursday!! My first indoor park experience.